First there was Wikipedia which literally annoyed everyone. Then came Deep Fakes, giving us the heebie-jeebies. Now there's AI and and 'Aigiarism.' Just…

January 2023

A year defined by both the triumph of humans and its idiocy. Sri Lanka booted out a despot. Elon Musk...well, never mind. Also my amazing students who…

December 2022

After nearly 12 years of teaching a computer and tech class, it's turning into something else. What me worry?
Will you miss Twitter? Should social media collapse under its own weight of similar hubris, here's an idea: try podcasts.
This issue is about words that rain down on us that are alarming - and telling!

November 2022

What was more spectacular? A crypto crash, Elon's self-immolation, NASA's moonshot, or The World Cup? But wait - there's more!
So much to be grateful for --and shocked that -- brands like Substack, Flipsnack, Unsplash, and Anchor are free.
All The News That's Unfit To TweetListen now (9 min) |
I have to admit, I am a terrible skeptic when it comes to what people share on our networks. Especially WhatsApp. (I belong to just four groups; I bet…

August 2021

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